12,000 VOLTS FAQs

How do I maintain my cutting board

Hand wash and dry immediately. Do not put in a dishwasher or soak in water.

Every board has been treated with Walrus Oil cutting board oil (Amazon). It will need to be reoiled when the wood looks dry. Any type of butcher, cutting board or mineral oil will work. Do not use vegetable/olive oil—those can go rancid. Allow a few hours (ideally overnight) to soak in before reuse. You can add a butcher block wax after the oiling too. A general guideline for regular usage is to oil it once a day for a week, once a week for a month and once a month for a year.
If it gets scratched and beat up, you can sand and reoil. The back/smooth side can be sanded fairly aggressively (100 grit through 600 grit). The front/design side can be sanded lightly (320 grit or finer) without impacting the figures very much.