Believe it, you are amazing!

When we share the interests and activities that bring us joy, we reinforce our self-worth, celebrate our individuality and inspire others to do the same. We’ve created magnetic personalities to make it easy to share what we love with others. Displaying magnetic personalities promotes self-esteem and confidence. And that’s important at any age.

  • Removable and modular, unlike stickers and decals
  • Hexagonal shape interconnects—it’s easy to add, change and reconfigure
  • Strong, durable and weather-resistant—perfect for cars or any magnetic surface
  • Made entirely in Maine, and packaged and assembled using environmentally friendly materials and methods.
  • We donate 10% of net proceeds of select designs to local charities

CS Lewis said, “We are what we believe we are!” Celebrate all that makes you amazing and inspire others to do the same with I’m amazing™ magnetic personalities.

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