"We are what we believe we are." C.S. Lewis
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seven rainbow colored ribbons on hexagon magnet

I'm an awareness supporter


Someone close to us has suffered, been challenged or is no longer with us. We show support and raise consciousness for their cause and the others in our community with a shared experience.

10% percent of the net proceeds will be donated to the Dempsey Center.


We’ve created magnetic personalities to make it easy to share what we love with others, reinforce our self-worth, celebrate our individuality and inspire others to do the same.
  • Use on cars, fridge, locker, file cabinet and other magnetic surfaces  
  • Removable—unlike stickers and decals
  • Strong, durable and weather-resistant
  • Hexagonal shape interconnects—add, change and reconfigure
  • Made in Maine
  • Size: 4.75" x 4.12"

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