How do you really break into social media?

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How do you really break into social media?

I received this article from Shopify. They have some pretty good content they share out. This one is a year old so there may be some newer sources, but that's ok. I don't need more.

I'll be trying to follow some of these recommendations and see where it gets me. It's still a lot figure out, but at least now I have a starting point for targeting good, trending content. Not being one to use social media a lot or follow many people (I have my own life), I was stymied by where people get this information, especially with limited time. I've poked around it Reddit a bit since it's free and easy to target topics. It may become my main source.

I still need to figure out what kind of content I want to post and how it aligns with my messaging and future audience. 

One more small step forward...

Check it out:

Now if I could figure out how to properly include a hyperlink in a blog post. :-)

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