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“What ONE unique aspect will make you succeed over the next year?” This was the first question I needed to answer on the application for the American Small Business Championship and SCORE Awards contest. Like those essay questions from high school English, it seemed simple on the surface. But when you start writing the answer, you realize it requires quite a bit of thought and analysis. I knew our vision statement and value proposition, our features and benefits, our product and our story, but what should I answer? It needed to be concise, clear and creative and also had to...

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Early November, my SCORE mentor shared an event from a local business development group with me. They were going to have a pitch contest to win a grant for marketing. The rules were simple: less than 5 employees, revenue less then $250k a year and request less than $400. They had $800 to distribute among a few applicants. For our region, it was a live pitch at the local library. She encouraged me to give it a try.  Knowing I needed to pay for some marketing—free Facebook and Instrgram post will only get me so far—I decided this would be a...

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